Easy + delicious

Crispy fried cubes of tofu  in a sticky, sweet and tangy lemon sauce!

Here's what we'll need...

Extra firm tofu Soy sauce Salt + pepper Cornstarch Vegetable oil Garlic + ginger Water Stock powder/bouillon Lemon juice + zest Sugar

We recommend extra firm tofu for this recipe. This gives the most chewy and 'meaty' texture.  If you have a less firm variety of tofu (not silken tofu), then you can press it first to remove the excess water.

Serve it as a dip....

Ready in under 30 mins.

Forget the takeout...

Make & enjoy at home!

What would you serve it with?

It's delicious with rice, noodles, stir fried or steamed veggies.... It's up to you!

"Wow!!! ...This was my first time making tofu at home and it was way easier than I anticipated... SO delicious and simple, and my entire family loved it! Thanks for this awesome recipe" - Lucy

FIve star review

We also have a yummy orange tofu recipe. It's zesty and has a gentle chili heat to it. Try it!

We hope you love our lemon tofu as much as we do - it's one of our fave vegan dinners!